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Pay with  Baadaye with Aspira for as low as Ksh 2,719 per mo

Delivery in 2 business days

Spark Laptop_-_Front_with shadow.png
Get your personalized Aspira credit offer:

The best gadget for e-learning. Includes 150+ Preinstalled Learning Apps and Digital Content:

  • Over 2,000 e-books, storybooks, audiobooks, and KICD-approved textbooks for Grade 1 - Form 4

  • Online connectivity for virtual classrooms (Zoom, Google Meet, Gmail, WhatsApp)

  • Great for online & offline use with advanced parental controls and safe web-browsing

  • Office Suite and offline Encyclopedia App, 

  • Apps for photo & video editing, drawing & music composition

  • Award-winning coding games and tutorials

  • Virus-resistant Endless OS

  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

  • And many more ...

12 Month Plan

Upfront: Sh 3,482

Monthly: Sh 2,719

6 Month Plan

Upfront: Sh 3,270

Monthly: Sh 4,556

9 Month Plan

Upfront: Sh 3,349

Monthly: Sh 3,331

3 Month Plan

Upfront: Sh 3,210

Monthly: Sh 8,400

*Above are indicative amounts. Actual amounts depend on credit assessment.

All this for only

Sh 24,490 cash, or

Sh 2,719 per mo


Other Parents are Saying:

My kids love the content and education tools on the Spark laptop. It's best way for them to continue learning and having fun at the same time.

The fact that my children can access all KICD approved textbooks on the Spark Laptop is really amazing! Now they can use the laptop for their homework.

The web filtering on Spark is very important because the internet has content that's not good for children - I've seen that from friends and neighbors.

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