Spark runs the Endless App Center that puts no limitations on your child’s creative, technical, intellectual goals.

Using the Endless App Center, Spark brings content for Early Childhood Education all the way to sophisticated graphic design and development tools right at your child’s fingertips.

Not your ordinary kids device.


Practical real applications for anything your child wants to do. 


LibreOffice is a free & powerful office suite with a modern, full-featured word processor, a spreadsheet program with intuitive features and a versatile presentation tool. All compatible with Microsoft Office ®


Free apps for photo & video editing, drawing, music composition, designing and other tools for sparking imagination and creation, all pre-installed on the Spark laptop


Spark is a practical tool for every aspect of your child's life now and in the future. Spark comes with a web browser, photo and video apps, a music player and a file system manager

Coding Education from Endless Studios

A collection of coding games that break down barriers, build confidence and spark curiosity to unlock the power of code! Learn more at Endless Studios website:

Visit the Third Terminal to learn more about Coding Education Games on Spark and Endless OS

Local Education Content

The Kytabu app* on Spark contains the textbooks and supplementary education materials approved by the Kenyan Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD). Includes materials for Grade 1 through Form 4 totally offline  including the new competency-based curriculum (CBC) for Grades 1-3! *5 year license 


Akili and Me (ages 3-6) is a popular TV Show across Africa that follows a curious 4-year-old who, along with her animal friends learns all about language, letters, numbers, art and other life lessons for a children. Akili and Me episodes are available pre-installed on Spark.

Logo_Ubongokids (1).png

Ubongo Kids (ages 7-14) is a popular kids' educational cartoon that follows the problem-solving adventures of the Ubongo Kids: five friends who love learning science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), and life skills. Ubongo Kids episodes are coming soon on Spark.

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