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Spark your child's imagination

There is something special about owning your first laptop! A big screen, an easy mouse and keyboard; the laptop is still the default tool for careers now and in the future.


We believe kids should start early. They should be able to learn, play and work in an environment that can grow with them, not a toy that gets used and discarded. 


Spark is a true laptop with all the tools and resources necessary for kids to grow without limits, but with safety and peace of mind for parents at its core.

The Whole World Empowered

Spark is powered by Endless, a company founded in 2010 with the mission of enabling people to harness the power of computing. The Endless Operating System - a free and robust computing solution - was created so people everywhere have access to relevant information and technology even without an internet connection. The Endless OS is now on more than 3 million computers in 60 countries worldwide.

Learn more about Endless, it’s work, team and world-class advisors here.

The Ecosystem

If you are building content, tools or apps for kids we want to partner to create the first laptop based ecosystem for kids worldwide. Contact Us to learn how to launch in the Spark Ecosystem.

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